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The ancient book of Taliesin tells us that somewhere, in Celtic Wales, there was once a great, supernatural clash. Gwydion, the magician and trickster, provoked Lord Arawn by stealing from his Other World Kingdom, Annwyn. 


Gwydion had done this sort of thing before. He had once travelled from North to South Wales to steal magical pigs gifted from Lord Arawn to a rival King. This time Gwydion and his brother had the audacity to enter the Other World itself and steal from Arawn directly. 

Gwydion’s first theft had brought about a war between men. This time, Lord Arawn himself arose, furious, out of ground, and a magical battle between Man and God ensued: Kat Godeu.

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Gwydion was able to enchant the very trees around him to fight as his army. Arawn had all of the beasts and the boulders of the Other World at his disposal.


Some say that The Other World is located under the ground. Some say a magical island at sea. We do not know exactly where The Battle of The Trees took place, but we do know that on the coast of Ceredigion, exactly between North and South Wales, where water meets land, an ancient forest stands, petrified. Stone trees, transformed from what they once were by something mighty and mysterious. We also know that a great island lies in amongst those stone trees, now hidden beneath the waves.


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