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It's Like Welsh Chess. Probably.

 In Stone Circles you will take either the side of the Great Sorcerer Gwydion, or The Lord of the Other World, Arawn, in the legendary Kat Godeu (Battle Of The Trees). Destroy both of your opponent’s Commanders, or make a magical Stone Circle to win the game.

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It's Like Welsh Chess...

Probably. The oldest prose text in the UK, The Mabinogion, refers to a chess-like game. It is called Gwyddbwyll. Unfortunately nobody knows how to play it. We know that it was played on a board like this, and it’s presumed to be similar to The Viking Game; Hnefatafl. If so, it would certainly have looked a bit like Stone Circles.

Like Chess, Stone Circles is a game for two players. It's much quicker and easier to learn but can be just as challenging.


Delights Children, Defies Grandmasters

Stone Circles is fun for both adults and children alike. But don't let the easy to learn rules deceive you;

It's Devilishly Tricky To Master

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